Christopher Titus King is an Emmy nominated DOP (James Cameron's Expedition Bismarck) with over 30 years experience in the film business.
He crosses the bridge between documentary and drama with great success, bringing skills developed in one genre to the other. Chris is known for his ability to visualise directors' ideas with speed, adding his own ideas to finesse the results, always keeping a good sense of humour.

Documentaries have taken him to the top of volcanoes, aboriginal caves, the psyche of the English and beyond, with the likes of Brian Cox, David Dimbleby, Alice Roberts, Darcus Howe, and Frank Skinner; to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in three man subs for National Geographic, to places no one has been to or even seen before.

Dramas have starred actors such as David Suchet (Get Carman), Elizabeth McGovern (Daphne), Richard Armitage (The Impressionists), Julian Glover (The Impressionists) etc., that vary from multi-million dollar US productions for James Cameron and Mark Burnett, to the first films of independent young film makers.

Based in the UK, Chris has worked with most of the top production companies in London  (Raw, Wall to Wall, Blast, Betty, BBC, Channel 4 to name but a few)

Many of Chris' films have won awards internationally and in the UK.

Christopher Titus King has an I visa and O2 visa to shoot in the United States of America.


Direct Contact

Name: Christopher Titus King

Phone: +447860839857


Company: Moran Associates

Representative: Raphael Moran 




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